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Why & When should you clean gutters?

Why clean my gutters?

Over time, residential homes require gutter cleaning because of debris buildup. The most common debris found in gutters are leaves, sticks, bird nests, toys, garbage, construction materials and pieces of roofing that has become dislodged. This debris causes rain water and snow melt to back up and flow over the edge of the gutters. Over time, gutter overflow can lead to basement flooding, foundation damage, and siding damage. It can also cause the gutters to sag, rot and rust.

When should I clean my gutters

Gutter cleaning is an important part of home maintenance that is often overlooked. It is recommended that your gutters be cleaned twice per year. Late spring and late fall are typically the best times to do this. In the spring, budding trees produce leaves, flowers and seeds which collect in the gutter system and prevent water from draining properly. In the fall, similar items clog up the gutter as trees shed their leaves preparing for winter. If this is left untouched significant damage can happen when water and debris in the gutters begin to freeze and expand. This can cause gutter seams to split and leak, along with other types of damage.